About Eat8.co.za


Eat8 is an online initiative that aims to represent the hospitality and entertainment industry with regards to marketing and management stream-lining innovation.

Benefits to Patrons

  • There are new specials to choose from every month.
  • Specials will be delivered on a daily basis to ensure users choose Eat8 first.
  • The listing includes every restaurant and its basic information across the Cape Peninsula.
  • To make access to the vouchers easy, users can claim them via print or via mobile email (see the attached sample). Alternatively, If users don’t have access to a printer, and for the travelers, they will be able to use our Call Centre on 082 88 888 88 to learn about Restaurant specials and to complete their reservation.
  • A simple and user friendly website.
  • To encourage users to continue to use our website, they will flash their voucher when settling the outstanding to ensure they receive the best service and products.
  • Category Selection boxes enable users to broaden their search.
  • Results will be based on the specific users requests with the added option of “Did you mean” in the search engine.
  • Our website includes a weather forecast for users to refer to when booking a venue.
  • Benefits to Restaurants & Venues

  • Eat8 promotes your venues specials on a monthly basis.
  • A simple and user friendly website with Edit and Design web pages that you can amend to your preferences.
  • We will act as your representatives to any other websites you may be on and will conveniently contact them with any updates, changes or specials your Restaurant may have, therefore saving you time.
  • When users click on the phone number of the restaurant to book, the system adds these hits to a monthly statement which the client receives at month’s end concluding all the stats received.
  • Our social media forums will update with specials on offer (e.g. Twitter/Facebook)
  • Each printed voucher will include an expiry date and bar code. They will also include the line, “To avoid disappointment, please remember to reserve your table”.
  • Eat8 will advertise its brand in varied marketing concepts to ensure our website is the preferred choice of the South African and foreign public.